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There is a lot to tell about Adam’s story, he’s quite an interesting fellow with quite a history. The short of it is, he’s a kind and loving, ongoing learner, with a passion for life and a passion for sharing what he can to help others.
Although Adam’s been into sports since he was about 4 years old, and with an undergraduate background in exercise science, physiology and kinesiology, and graduate work in kinesiology, it may be more interesting at at just under 50, Adam’s been doing yoga for almost 30 years.
In that 30 years, Adam has been extremely fortunate to learn from, practice with, so many gifted folks. Along the way, he’s self taught and had formal studies in meditation, mindfulness, and numerous movement styles to.
In addition to all this great stuff, Adam’s a lucky father and a proud husband. Adam has a unique sense humor, with a lite hearted view of life in all it’s twisted turns and adventures.
Adam teaches internationally from mainland China, to Germany, Argentina to North America, Taiwan to the Netherlands, and more. Let’s just say, he might be one of the premier, sought after international instructors you havn’t heard of.

Anusara ECAT (Experienced Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher)