Alignment Immersion (30 hours)
10 – 14 August, 2019

Study the transformational alignment principles of
Anusara Yoga®  with Barbra Noh


Yoga is a pathway to understanding the gift of embodiment. This 5 day course is designed to transform your asana practice and expand your horizons as you discover the potential of your own body, mind and heart.

The alignment principles of Anusara Yoga have served yoga practitioners all over the world to enhance the experience of asana and “being in the body”. These bio-mechanical principles intelligently respond to the most common postural misalignments. Applying them to any style of asana practice will increase strength, range of movement and increase the therapeutic benefits of the asana practice. The results are renewed confidence, a sense of freedom and joy.

Barbra is particularly adept at teaching alignment in a way that is easy to understand, functional in it's application and serves to make you feel good.

This course is suitable for yoga practitioners and teachers who are interested in a therapeutic approach to yoga and would like to learn the basics of good alignment.

You will learn how to...

- practice more effectively and gain maximum benefit from the poses

- reduce discomfort and pain in the most common asanas

- be gentle to your joints and stretch safely

- create a practice that is sustainable over the longterm

Theory, discussion and time for self-reflection will be offered to support the practice and deepen your understanding. Please come with an open attitude, inquiring mind and a body that is prepared to try new things.

This 30 hour Alignment Immersion is part of the Strength & Grace Yoga Training for Yoga Teachers offered at Radiantly Alive 10 – 26 August, 2019. By completing the Alignment Immersion you have the option to continue and complete the entire 100 hour training.



This further education program is open to all practitioners, who have completed a 200-hour training or have approximately 2 years of regular yoga experience.

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