Level 1 Bowspring 3-Day Course with Desi Springer and John Friend
5-7 May 2017, Munich

In this 15-hour, 3-Day course on the Bowspring, experienced students will gain a transformational immersion in this powerful practice of Elemental forms and Level 1 poses of the Bowspring method. 


The focus of this course is to go deeper into the refined subtlety of the Bowspring method for the 10 key areas of the mind-body. From the detailed geometry of the ribcage and shoulder girdle to the soft liquidy sensitivity of the finger pads and toe pads, the students will gain empowered awareness of themselves on all levels of their body, mind, and heart in this 3-day course. 


Unconscious postural habits are revealed for each student in this course using the Bowspring method so that there can be a conscious change toward greater harmony and freedom from chronic misalignment. Each student in the course will be assessed for their individual unconscious postural default in the key 10 key areas. New insights into postural patterns of standing, walking and sitting lead to new choices for students to change their daily life patterning toward a higher functional alignment. 


In this 3-Day Course students will be taught how to create greater mind-body connection using less force, greater sensitivity, and the pulsation of the breath in a variety of Bowspring Elemental forms. 


Each of the 10 key areas have a A-B-C sequence to make it accessible to any level of student. After this 3-Day Course in the Bowspring method, students will be able to apply these postural technologies to live their daily routine with fluid lightness and vibrant tone for optimal mind-body health.

Level 1 Bowspring Course presents postural technology to:

  • Therapeutically balance the sub-systems of the body: Wings – hands, arms, and shoulders; and Roots – feet, legs, and hips; Spools – waist and neck. 


  • Use deep breathing techniques to reboot oxygen, carbon dioxide and pH levels to a healthy balance. 


  • Teach centering and conscious relaxation techniques to respond to stress in a balanced way during daily life using Bowspring and breathing technologies. 

About Desi Springer

Desi Springer is the innovator of the BowspringTM postural system. Desi taught modern postural yoga from 1998 to 2012, and now is sharing the Bowspring practice to a global community. Over the last 3 years, Desi has taught over 100 Bowspring seminars in 8 countries while maintaining weekly classes at her Vital studio in Denver. She now co-owns Vital – Center for Mind-Body Health – with her sister, Micah. The Springer sisters have been successful yoga studio owners in Colorado since 1999. 

About John Friend

John Friend has been a student of philosophy, physics and mind-body health for over 40 years. John has taught over 800 yoga seminars in 30 countries since 1990. He founded Anusara yoga in 1997, which became an internationally popular school of modern postural yoga with one of the highest teaching standards in the industry.

In 2013, John joined forces with Desi Springer and helped systematize her Bowspring postural method of Sridaiva. Currently, John lives in Denver, Colorado. He teaches at Vital – Center for Mind-Body Health, as well as maintains an international teaching tour with Desi Springer year-round. 

Value & Schedule

Dates: 5 - 7 May 2017



9.30 - 12.30 hrs (3)

14.30 - 16.30 hrs (2)



8.15 - 10.15 hrs (2)

13-17 hrs (4)



9-11 hrs (2)

13-15 hrs (2)


My Sports Lady

Fitness für Frauen GmbH

Klenzestrasse 57b

80469 München

Price: €320,-

As a preparation for the Bowspring Training Level 1, we highly recommend you take 1 - 3 Bowspring classes before the start of the training. You can do so either: 

1. with Jenny at Jaya Yoga in Munich on Mondays at 17:00 hrs: Jaya Yoga


2. online: TINT Yoga


If you register for Bowspring Training you receive a 20%  discount code for TINT. You will receive the discount code in the email that confirms your registration. Please use the code when signing up with TINT. 


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