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'We are not human beings having a spiritual experience... we are spiritual beings having a human experience.' 

Pierre Tailhard de Chardin


My Yoga Story


I came to yoga because I was looking for a way to manage the enormous challenge of being a human being. I wanted to find a way to live my life with more strength, ease, and grace.


The story of my own transformation is the driving force behind my teaching. As a former professional dancer I suffered from severe fatigue, injuries and pain. I was dealing with constant self-doubt and low self-esteem. I began a quest, searching for a way to feel better on all levels.

Soon after starting yoga, I experienced better health, emotional healing and found more peace in my heart.


Yoga gave me the tools to calm my mind, soothe my nervous system, and release both physical and emotional tension in a gentle, caring way. It created space for honest self-reflection, deep healing and enabled a connection to my heart that allows me to be in a more harmonious relationship with the world.


I consider yoga to be an invaluable practice that helps me integrate the learning and insights gained through inner work, study and self-reflection. It has helped me to become more self-aware, more conscious in my relationships, more loving and more forgiving. Through yoga I am able to embody and express more fully the qualities developing inside of me.


Through tantric philosophy, I discovered an approach to engaging with life which gave rise to a new wave of personal transformation. Through diligent practice of the alignment principles of Anusara yoga I succeeded in healing my injuries, avoiding hip replacement surgery.

Yoga continues to be my greatest resource for creating and maintaining balance in my body, mind and heart and for becoming the best version of myself I can be.

My Background

I began yoga in 1998 and have been teaching since 2000. Originally from Australia, I am half Korean and was raised in a family of dedicated martial artists. Immersed in the study of movement and dance my whole life, I was trained in ballet and contemporary dance in my hometown of Melbourne, and was a professional dancer in European theatres for many years.


Now based in Germany, I live in Munich and travel internationally for workshops, trainings and retreats. I am passionate about teaching yoga and supporting students in their quest to discover and live their full potential.


My yoga background encompasses a broad range of yoga styles and traditions including Sivananda, Iyengar, various Vinyasa styles, Vinyasa Krama in the Krishnamacharya tradition, Vipassana meditation. I am a certified Anusara® yoga teacher registered with Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 500).


In 2013 I undertook a course of study called “Working with People: A Psychology of Awakening”, conducted by Rafia Morgan and Turiya Hanover, the founders of “Path of Love”. My participation in the “Path of Love” was life-changing and has deeply influenced my teaching and my approach to leading groups.


Together with Kimmana Nichols and Sebastian Bruno I am co-founder of a unique approach to yoga and healing we call ThaiVedic Yoga . This holistic system integrates Thai Massage, Ayurveda and Yoga. It represents our aspiration to educate people about self-care and healing, and to share this knowledge with the world.

My Teaching

If you practise something you will become skilful. If you are dedicated you will make progress. It is my understanding that dedication, passion and a joyful, light-hearted approach are key elements in making progress on our path of expansion into our full potential.


I have been teaching yoga for almost 20 years. After 10 years’ of teaching experience and 5 years of studies in Anusara Yoga, I gained the highly regarded qualification of a fully certified Anusara Yoga teacher. I am one of the few teachers in Europe qualified to educate and train Anusara teachers.


The Anusara system of alignment is highly effective and offers great therapeutic benefits. It is one of my primary tools in the yoga room, especially in regard to alleviating pain and preventing injuries. I love how it helps students to understand their bodies, posture and asana practice with depth and clarity.


I remain a curious student, eager to learn, and so continually add to my toolbox. In recent years I have been influenced and inspired by Ayurveda, studies in anatomy and fascial research. In addition, I continue to be inspired by the many teachers I meet who express yoga in an innovative and thought-provoking way, contributing to its evolution.


Above all, my teaching is informed by my own practice, my observations and my dialogue with students around the world over the past 20 years.


As I remain open and interested in ongoing developments and research, I find myself adapting to new knowledge and insights by integrating and applying ideas that go beyond one style of yoga.


I call my approach to practice Strength & Grace Yoga. In this approach, the alignment principles, rather than being a static system, evolve to incorporate new ideas. I believe that physical yoga, in order to be truly nurturing and build our resources, must be adapted to our individuality. My highest priority is to help students learn a safe and sustainable approach to yoga. 


My passion for this work has grown with the years, and I care deeply about supporting students on their journey to knowing themselves. My classes are contemplative and yet powerful and dynamic; they are challenging and yet light-hearted. I endeavour to guide students toward a healthier relationship with their bodies and minds. It is my belief that it is through a deeper awareness of ourselves that we come to appreciate our own innate value.


Studying with me deepens your connection with your body. You will feel inspired to listen to its intelligence and learn how to create a physical experience that feels balanced and healthy. You will gain a sense of wholeness as you develop an appreciation for your physical and mental self within the context of all the emotions and experiences that make you the unique human being you are. 


Students' testimonials best describe the experience of studying with me and can be read here

'With Barbra I experience how it feels when the radiance of infinite potential is brought to expression from the inside out.'


© 2019 by Barbra Noh Yoga. All Rights Reserved 

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