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Together with the exciting new yoga platform, TINT, Barbra has created classes - in English – so you can practise with her anytime, anywhere.

Strength & Grace Yoga is the culmination of her 20 years of dedication and love for yoga. With this plan she brings you the essence of her teaching and practice today. You will feel inspired to listen to the intelligence of your body and build a practice that is balanced and healthy.


These classes are some of the most popular classes Barbra has taught when travelling as a guest for workshops and conferences.


The three classes are:


“Be Water” ... focusing on fluid movement for more softness, tenderness and compassion.


“Bamboo Backbends” ... in this physically challenging class you will learn how to move into backbends with ease and joy.


“Moving from the Core” ... you will make use of core stability to move gracefully from one moment to the next, bringing poise and beauty to your transitions and balancing poses.


More Info HERE.

'Yoga with Barbra is a new experience each time. No two classes are the same, and they are

always physically and spiritually enriching. Philosophy flows smoothly into her classes in the form of practical insights.'


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