Recharge Retreat - Laax, Switzerland
12-17 August 2013
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A luxury yoga retreat in one of the world's best hotels. Schloss Elmau is famous for it's diverse cultural program and beautiful location in the Bavarian Alps.

One of the central teachings of yoga is that at our very core, the essence of our being is bliss. So why is it that we do not spend every waking moment of our lives experiencing ourselves as blissful, happy beings of utter contentment?The yoga tradition offers us several explanations and describes the many coverings, sheaths and veilings that can prevent us from knowing our True nature. Yoga provides a system of practical methods which allow us to explore and re-connect to the person we really are.During this retreat we will enjoy yoga practice as a means of experiencing the Self, supported by a range of philosophical ideas which uplift the heart and re-establish the joy of simply being who we are.


What is the secret to renewable energy? Is there a such thing as a Fountain of Youth? We highly doubt there is, but we know there is a Mountain of Youth.


Situated within the infrastructure of the rocksresort in Laax, a car-free facility in Laax, Graubünden deep in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Pure mountain air, endless sky and the sound of nature infuse you with new energy for your body, mind and heart.

Recharge Retreats has developed a unique concept which combines the opportunity for a family holiday, time to relax and revitalize the mind, as well as reinvigorate the body.  Imagine traveling to a naturally majestic place, spending a week with interesting people and finding answers to your own questions in life, guided by experienced coaches.


Complementary to Recharge Retreats, the rocksresort and Flims/Laax offer the following: Mountain hiking, hiking, golfing, river rafting, helicopter sight seeing trips, paragliding, hand gliding, mushroom gathering, high ropes course, hot springs (Vals), and swimming at lake Cauma, lake Laax and lake Cresta.


You’ll be glad to know that if you bring the kids along rocksresort offers child care facilities Ami Sabi Summer Wonderland Kids Park which is open daily from 9:30am to 3:30pm. They offer many activities including Mini-golf and mountain biking, to keep the young ones entertained and active.


Barbra Noh is a certified Anusara® yoga teacher and has been teaching yoga for 13 years. She began her Anusara studies in 2006 and was certified in 2011.


It was the inspiring community of teachers that drew her to Anusara, along with the beautiful and effective methodology for physical and personal transformation.


Originally from Australia, Barbra is half Korean and was raised in a family of dedicated martial artists. She trained as a dancer in her hometown of Melbourne and worked for many years in European theaters.

Now based in Germany, she leads the Anusara TT program at AIRYOGA Munich, travels internationally teaching workshops, trainings and retreats and has come to be a key community builder in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Korea. Barbra is passionate about teaching yoga and supporting students in their quest to discover and live their full potential.



Preventative Health specialist, Psychotherapist, BCRPA Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher (ERYT 500)

I was Introduced to movement as therapy in my early years and since then I have loved it. And continue to study it every day. As a Swiss licensed Physiotherapist my attention was quickly drawn to preventative health through motion. Since Yoga is my chosen way of life- on and off the mat.

In 1999 he took part in his first surf instructor teacher training with Fred Adams from Guadeloupe. He started teaching in 2001 at the age of 20. He loves sharing his experience and knowledge, giving his students a chance to experience the pleasure that surfing brings. He aspires to be the kind of teacher that makes you fall in love with surfing and the power of the ocean. Besides his focus on safety (Jalal is a licensed lifeguard) and technique, his goal when teaching is to help his students get the best out of the time they have in the ocean. Whether it is one day or two


​Yoga Teacher (ERYT 500)I’ve been practicing and teaching yoga for over a decade and have trained in various lineages such as Power Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Anusara and Pilates.I’m also a devoted student of eastern philosophies and spirituality which I weave into the physical practice to create a profound transformational experience. Bringing meaning to the practice and attention to refined bio-mechanics are at the heart of my


Yoga Teacher

Katharina entdeckte mit Anfang 20 in einem Ashtanga-Studio ihre Yogabegeisterung. Mittlerweile hat sie ihren Beruf als Tourismusberaterin aufgegeben und ist als selbständige Yogalehrerin in Graubünden tätig. Auf der Suche nach einem gesunden Körper und wachen Kopf hat sich die Vinyasa-Yogalehrerin vom Anusara-Yoga inspirieren lassen. Katharina absolvierte verschiedene Lehrertrainings und bildet sich kontinuierlich



Coach for Body-and Self-Awareness

AJ, a Scottish-South African-Swiss individual, uses his professional capacity in life for coaching people, for meditation, writing and various other ways of expressing creativity. He holds a degree in human sciences as well as a certificate in holistic body therapy and has been working on people’s wellbeing and presence for many years. Meditation and movement are fundamental elements of AJ’s life. He loves to attend, support and encourage people in their process of personal development and integration of consciousness into everyday life.

Individual Coaching Sessions (1hr) during the Recharge Retreat can be booked directly with


Recharge Retreat Program only, without accommodation:

CHF 990,- per person


Package 1:  Yoga + Shared Apartment (4 occupants max) at Rockresort. CHF 1690,- per person.


Package 2: Yoga + Double room (2 occupants or private) at Hotel Signina. CHF 1990,- per person.


Packages include:

- The 6 day retreat program

- Full board including organic breakfast buffet at Hotel Signina

- Yoga Lunch Box

- Dine-around (dinner vouchers valid at any of the 6 restaurants on campus)

- Admission to wellness including sauna, steam, pool, gym

.- Lifttickets to Yoga Roundhouse on Crap Sogn Gion- Childcare

Check in: Sunday, August 11, 2013

Recharge: for 6 rejuvenating days starting on Monday, August 12, 2013

Check out: Saturday, August 17, 2013

Location: Flims Laax Falera, Graubünden, Switserland​For more information, and registration, please go to​

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