Living in Alignment

July 31, 2011

Dear Friends,


I have been experiencing an exciting, enjoyable and enriching time. I have been in a good mood since...uhhh...about the end of February. But it was not always so. There were many ups and downs. Last year particularly, I had my fair share of challenges on my path of yoga, professionally, health wise and in my personal life. Life tends to move in waves - and I have been enjoying riding a beautiful upward moving wave since attending the Advanced Intensive in Miami last February with my teacher John Friend.


Sometimes we experience phases, where everything seems to be going wrong. What is that about? And then we "get lucky", and find ourselves in a phase where everything is going well. What is that about??!! I want to know about that! I want to know how to create the circumstances that increase the probability that my life feels good!


Let's liken "creating the circumstances" to setting a good foundation, which is a part of the First Principle of Anusara Yoga. When we set the foundation with the intention of creating more happiness in our lives, we are opening to Grace, we are open to the possibilities of Life and the potential for things to get better. We know we can't change or influence everything, but we remember, even in the darker times, that wonderful things can happen!


Yoga has helped me enormously to gain the insights that help me make the choices to create the life I want to have. We each have the power to shape and form our lives within the grander scope of the reality we live in. The more awareness and clarity we have, the more conscious and refined our actions will be. The more knowledge we have about ourselves, the better our choices will be. Refined, conscious actions and enlightened choices (Chit) - I think those would increase the probability of us catching a good wave and enjoying the ride (Ananda). Don't you? We call this being in alignment with the divine energy of Life.


Ultimately, we all want to make the choices that lead to greater delight and more happiness. Yet sometimes it is part of the journey to pass through darker moments along the way. In Anusara Yoga we remember that even the darkness can be positive and offer us ways to appreciate and find the light again. It certainly helps me to keep a broader and more open perspective if I remember that Life moves in waves. After some darkness, there will be light again!

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