Cool with Limbo

May 31, 2012

Limbo: an unknown intermediate place or condition between two extremes,

"up in the air", undecided.


Deutsch: ein unbekannter Ort oder Zustand zwischen zwei Extremen, "in der Schwebe sein", unentschieden.




Dear Friends,


Here we are mid-year, the year that was prophesied to be very challenging for the human race. Well, for the Anusara community it has indeed been an intense time. One perspective I have is that the founder of Anusara yoga, which is the method I teach, took a big fall impelling many of us to become more clear about what we are doing, what has meaning for us, who we want to be associated with, and what our purpose is. Despite the discomfort, disappointment and the shock of what has unravelled these past three months, I am finding it has all been very thought-provoking and a source of contemplation and learning.



It is interesting to observe how we react in a crisis, how we respond when things go wrong, which emotions arise when things develop in a completely unexpected way and, in particular, how we manage when there are no easy answers or quick solutions in sight. I'll be honest and say at this point in time I am really not sure how things will proceed with Anusara Yoga, or how I am going to respond to whatever ends up happening. However, one insight I have gained is that being in limbo is not necessarily a bad thing at all. Not knowing what is going to happen next, being faced with an unexpected change of a substantial nature, has opened up a flow of creative energy and is inspiring new ideas that are filling the space in a positive way as I continue teaching my scheduled Anusara programs, and wait and see how things play out.



A tantric teaching is that all of Life is actually Consciousness playing itself out in a myriad of different forms, interactions, alignments and experiences or as I like to call it, "stuff happening". Pause for a moment and imagine how it would feel to live your life always knowing what was going to happen next, i.e. you always knew exactly how Consciousness was going to play, pulsate and take form. In fact, you knew right now how the entire rest of your life was going to play out. Would you ever experience surprise, relief, excitement, disappointment, hope, joy, the awakening ofnew ideas and the pulse of your own creativity? Hmmm.


You probably know the feeling of being "inbetween", the old has not yet dissolved, the new has not yet begun. Not quite knowing what will happen next and how circumstances will unravel used to be something that caused me distress. My yoga studies of the past few years have changed how I view the unknown. I now see the unknown as an exciting realm of possibilities calling to be discovered. I trust that the energy of Life will play itself out in some way that works, even if I cannot see it yet. I am enjoying feeling suspended in time for a moment, allowing ideas to arise - completely unrestricted by a predefined, known plan. Being in limbo can be quite cool. 




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