The Power of Gratitude

January 1, 2013

Dear Friends,



Did you know research has confirmed that gratitude and joy are intrinsically linked? People who feel gratitude are happier. Instead of feeling stuck with a sense of lack, or concerns that something is "missing" and our lives are not full enough, we can choose to practise gratitude and bring ourselves back to remembering the abundance in our lives. By actively practising gratitude, we create our own joy. How cool is that?


I love the idea that we each have the power to influence how we feel and experience life. We can literally be the masters of our own minds and hearts, choosing what we want to think and focus on. The more we practise, the better we become at maintaining gratitude in the most challenging of times. I use the word practise in regard to gratitude in this context, but the same applies to any attitude we want to cultivate in our lives - it requires practise.


So I offer this idea: start each day by noting three simple things you are grateful for. Perhaps over your morning cup of tea you can allow a sense of fullness to rise up inside before jumping into your day.


I am feeling particularly grateful for the year that has just passed. I took a 12 month break from my normal routine of weekly classes plus a four month break from teaching. Thanks to the turbulence in the Anusara world I had the opportunity to think deeply about why I teach yoga and what it all means to me. I returned to teaching with renewed enthusiasm and a heightened appreciation for yoga as the anchor that brings us together to share intense, interesting and wonderful moments of self-discovery. I feel very lucky to have received excellent training from all my teachers over the years. Anusara Yoga remains my best tool for serving students in the areas that interest me most.


For the many students who would like to enjoy the same path of growth and learning, it is good news that a new school has been formed: Anusara School of Hatha Yoga. ASHY has started processing the many applications for Inspired level and for certification that have collected this year and I will be supporting the reactivation of the Anusara certification process as an assessor. Please contact Jacalyn Prete with any enquiries about Inspired level or certification applications pending.


In the coming year I am undertaking new studies in the area of coaching. I am very much looking forward to studying something that is not yoga, yet will complement my work with yoga students and support them in their process of growth and transformation.


Wishing you a bright start to the New Year with lots of opportunity to practise whatever quality it is that you would like your life to have more of!




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