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November 8, 2013

Dear Friends,

In the yoga world, we love talking about “the heart”, and “heart opening” experiences. But what are we talking about?
The word “heart” is often used as a synonym for the very essence of our being. The non-physical part of us that feels, is deeply knowing, unchanging at its core, desires to express itself and is expansive in nature. Yet so often we feel contracted, the expression of the heart becomes limited. Life's ups and downs, shocks and disappointments have caused us to develop defences. Unconsciously we shut down – the heart is no longer free to express and expand, though that is what it longs for. We develop so many layers of defences, edges and protection, that we no longer remember what is hidden under all those layers. Somewhere deep inside, the real you is longing to be rediscovered, to be seen, and to shine.
Yoga has helped many of us to start the process of unravelling what is lying at the core of our being. Certainly yoga has helped me to soften some of my defensive edges. I am still working on it; and yoga has not been the only thing that helped me in this area. A few years ago I participated in a process called the Path of Love. It was a wonderful, profound, joyously life-changing experience. If you are wondering for yourself, what might still be concealed, what is yet to be revealed, if your heart is whispering to you that it is longing to be free, then please see the info on POL below. I so highly recommend it – an even more heart-opening experience than the deepest backbends!
As Summer starts to ease into Autumn and activities in Europe turn indoors once again, I send you a couple of ideas to support you in your home practice. Please check out my new video clip “The Truth About Home Practice” and an offer for one month of free online classes with Yoga Easy.
We still have a few Early Bird discount spots open on our Five Elements Retreat in Thailand – don't wait too long!


Certified Anusara® Yoga Teacher

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