Creating Space Meditation

January 23, 2016


Asana practice is something I love because it offers me a practical and enjoyable way to clean up my “house”, my internal world. As I move from one posture to the next, breathing deeply and conciously I clear my mind of unnecessary thoughts. I experience more fullness of heart and gain insight into what is currently most important for me. Things seem to come more into focus and yet I feel spacious. The physical practice of yoga brings me into a state where my mind is uncluttered and my heart is open. This is an amazing place from which to focus my attention on what I really want.


After your asana practice, try this:

After Savasana, come to sit quietly. With no particular ambitions to “meditate”, simply remain seated peacefully with yourself. Notice how you feel in your body and be accepting of whatever you find. Observe the quality of your thoughts/mind and emotions. Be as spacious as possible (non-judgmental and relaxed!). Consider what you would like to welcome into your life, and repeat your own mantra to invoke that. “I welcome more love into my life”, “I welcome financial abundance into my life”, “I welcome health and vitality into my life”. Don't worry about the details of how it will happen. Simply enjoy the feeling you've created and keep opening the space for those things you truly desire.


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