John Friend & Desi Springer | Sridaiva: The Power of the Bowspring
11-12 June 2016, Munich

This is a 10-hour introductory course for the Bowspring – a new approach for functional postural alignment for all ages.


In this weekend workshop, students will learn how to make any movement or common posture like standing, sitting, or walking, fluid and dynamically powerful for optimal functionality.


Students will learn about the 10 universal postural tendencies which unconsciously draw us toward a closed posture throughout our normal day. The basic elemental forms of the Bowspring system are presented in this introductory course so that any student can begin a Bowspring practice at home after this weekend for ever-expanding mind-body health.


Desi and John will help each student learn the Bowspring considering everyone’s unique alignment and particular limitations. The most basic elemental forms of Sridaiva will be presented along with dynamic postures within the Level 1 Syllabus.

What is the Bowspring System of Sridaiva?

Sridaiva is a wholistic lifestyle that incorporates a positive mindset with Bowspring postural alignment and a healthy diet.


Sridaiva offers a postural training curriculum for committed students worldwide wishing to cultivate harmony, health, and happiness in their lives. The Bowspring system of Sridaiva is a comprehensive postural training for all levels of self including mind, body, and heart. Posturing for higher health opens our mind to new insights about ourselves.  


Skillful studentship in Sridaiva is grounded on the virtues of accountability, mindfulness, and compassion for optimal health and a bright vision of life. Each student commits to being responsible for their own health and happiness for the greater good of the Earth and its creatures.


The Bowspring alignment of Sridaiva is a revolutionary postural practice for optimal health. This healthy lifestyle is accessible for people of all ages worldwide, particularly in all of their common daily activities of walking, sitting, and standing. The Bowspring alignment can be applied to any yoga pose, athletic movement or any functional posture for optimal performance. The goal of the Bowspring alignment is to achieve tensile strength and rooted lightness in any movement, while using the least amount of physical energy. It offers a new view on body alignment that keeps you living healthy at any age; cultivating graceful lightness and whole body strength.


The Bowspring of Sridaiva returns us back to the natural curves in our alignment and away from our flat, heavy C-curve modern posture. It is a revolution away from our comfortable, sedentary lifestyle, which is mostly spent sitting in relaxed posture working at our desks, watching a screen, and talking on our phones. We have gotten out of attunement with our natural dynamic posture. Our modern misaligned form isn’t just taking a toll on our physical health; it desensitizes us and diminishes our capacity for feeling and thinking clearly. Sridaiva is a wave in a cultural revolution that is returning us back to embodying a naturally curvy posture in which we have greater capacity for vibrant health.


More than just a physical exercise program, the Bowspring is a path towards self-awakening. Through mindful awareness of specific alignments within 10 key areas of our body, we gain profound knowledge about our unconscious mind and emotional patterning held in our common daily posture. This self-knowledge of chronically tight and blocked areas of the body and mind is liberating for the student. Instead of being victims to our old postural programs, which are blocking the fullness of our health and happiness, we are free and empowered to choose a new lifestyle that is more aligned with our true, natural self.


The Bowspring posture allows positive energy to flow within us and ignites our willpower to evolve towards a higher version of ourselves. Sridaiva is evolutionary in that it advances our capacity as humans to masterfully choose harmony over hatred under any challenge. We evolve from being driven by selfish desire for power and greed to awakened beings inspired to bring harmony to the planet and all of the life it supports.

What to Expect with a Bowspring Practice: New Dynamic Poses

The Bowspring postures are dynamic and in our exercises we move in all sorts of directions: backwards and forwards, side bends, twists and upside down. We also incorporate dynamic exercises like hopping, jumping and skipping into our Bowspring practice. Also, there is a focus on balancing poses, which reveal universal imbalances we all have. To help students learn the Bowspring, we offer new dynamic poses that incorporate:

  • Bent knees

  • Hovering heels

  • Mounded glute muscles to support the natural curvature of the lower back

  • Expanded upper back and broad shoulders

  • Elongated and curved neck and belly

Benefits of Bowspring

Any age group can learn to embody the Bowspring in a basic posture to create a balanced tone throughout the body, providing strength, and balance. Your agility and functionality of all body movement increases when you embody the Bowspring during your active day. This specific dynamic posture is also highly therapeutic for the lower back, neck and shoulders when performed while doing normal daily activities.


The Bowspring is filled with physical benefits, and also offers great mental and emotional health. Since the Bowspring posture positively affects the nervous system and the circulatory system, a student can expect to see better mental focus, emotional clarity and a reduction in stress.


The Bowspring teaches an ideal relationship between the pelvis, ribcage, head, hands and feet that create a feeling of being rooted and light all at the same time. The proportional shape of the Bowspring provides for a balance of push and pull forces on the interior and exterior of the body. The tension forces of expansion and contraction between the bones and the lines of connective tissue create full-body tensile strength and precise balance.


Benefits of the Bowspring include:

  • Increased confidence

  • Balanced hormonal function creating mental and emotional clarity

  • Pain relief, and eventually loss of pain

  • Weight loss

  • Beautiful, curvy shape

  • Bolstered immune system

Beginning students notice positive changes usually within 10 hours of orientation classes. There is a learning curve, and the posture of the Bowspring can reveal our weaker areas and unconscious somatic patterns that as a culture we tend to ignore. However, in less than one month of regular practice of the Bowspring, new students can expect a significant shift in their dynamic posture and an increase in the benefits mentioned above. By increasing awareness of our individual postural habits, we are able to skillfully choose a more balanced alignment, thereby clearing chronic aches, pains, and other health issues.

What are the main challenges to expect in the beginning of the Bowspring practice?

Although the system is designed to be easily comprehensible for any level of student, Sridaiva is not easy to practice at first. The main challenges to expect in beginning the practice of Sridaiva are:


  1. The Bowspring opens you energetically. Sridaiva practice of the Bowspring can provide a somatic cleanse, which can help clear old psycho-emotional patterns held in the cellular memory. The dynamic postural forms of Sridaiva target unconscious postural patterns of protection, pain-reduction, and sensory withdrawal. Commonly closed areas of the body-mind include the 5 specific areas: the under-carriage (pelvic floor), under-belly (solar plexus), under-arms (heart), under-chin (throat), and under-palate (mouth). Repatterning in these areas may be somatically experienced as strange and emotionally uncomfortable.  

  2. The Bowspring takes practice to learn to make the mind-body connection in specific parts of the body like the toes and the fingers. The Bowspring system requires conscious toning of all muscles on the back of the body, including the upward mounding of the glutes, which few students can do with any consistency at first. 

  3. The Bowspring alignment does not follow the standard model of optimal posture. The key alignment instructions in Sridaiva are very different and many times opposite than what is often taught in other schools of modern postural yoga, classical dance, or in other postural alignment systems. Sridaiva challenges the student’s mind to be open to try something avant-garde and alternative with their bodies, for the promising of greater vibrancy and the capacity to thrive.

Schedule & Value


Saturday 11 June:
Session 1 | 8:00 - 10:00 hrs

Session 2 | 12:30 - 16:00 hrs


Sunday 12 June: 

Session 3: 9:00 - 11:00 hrs

Session 4: 13:00 - 15:30 hrs



€198,78 (including service fee)


Workshop can only be booked as a whole, not per session. 




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