100-Hour Strength & Grace Yoga Training for Yoga Teachers 
A registered Yoga Alliance Continuing Education training
10th - 26th August 2019 in Ubud, Bali

Guide and inspire with ease and confidence


Would you like to move forward from being a good yoga teacher, to being a great one? 

Barbra has built a successful international teaching career from the ground up. With 20 years of experience teaching classes, workshops, teacher trainings, retreats and appearing at international conferences and festivals, she has you covered for all themes relating to what it means to be a yoga teacher.


With this training you will gain the tools to teach yoga with more ease and confidence. You will feel energized and enthused to share the invaluable teachings that have made a difference to you. Empowered with a practical skill set, you will delight in teaching more effectively, inspiring your students to reach towards their fullest potential. 


- Deepen your yoga practice and gain new understanding on healthy alignment and how to build a sustainable physical practice.


- Become more competent and skillful with verbal instructions and how to guide students effectively and safely into poses.


- Explore and learn different strategies for planning classes and creating effective sequences. 


- Strengthen your classroom presence  and ability to connect with and serve students.


- Develop ways to present meaningful and inspiring philosophical themes.


- Increase your ability to offer manual support and adjustments that are safe and therapeutic.


- Understand how to attract full classes and plan successful workshops. 

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