ThaiVedic Yoga Level 2 / Silver Certification
5 - 9 July 2017, Munich

Why we created the ThaiVedic Yoga Therapist modules

To empower inspiring yoga teachers who can guide the healing of themselves and others. Teachers who connect and unite all styles of Yoga, showing their benefits, weaknesses, and time and place for the individual. To create a wave of personal and planetary transformation that balances all aspects of our body, mind and soul. Sharing a way of being and living that enhances rejuvenation and longevity, promoting energised empowerment for righteous action in the world.

We use the term “Yoga” to denote a wide range of yogic practices not limited to Hatha Yoga or Asana (physical postures). Although physical postures will be taught, they are not the focus of these trainings.


  • Expanded yoga therapy techniques that are once again categorised into their elemental dominance for ease of individualised healing.

  • The 5 subdoshas of Vata which control the functional and healing intelligence of the body. Including practices to restore balance to each Vayu.

  • Expanded ways to treat the 3 Ayurvedic disease tendencies, including the ThaiVedic essential oil blends, which can treat 70+ imbalances.

  • Experience the ThaiVedic yoga therapy sequence for Pitta. Designed to release excess heat, balance metabolism, and treat neck and shoulder problems.

  • Ayurvedic digestive therapy using herbs to correct the three imbalance types of Agni (digestive force) and dietary therapies for removing Ama (toxins and half-digested waste).

  • Emphasis in this module is on healing the metabolism and digestive system. Treatment is focused on yogic practices, Ayurvedic and culinary herbs, and essential oils.

Upon completion of this course all students will be able to 

  • Use the 5 Vayus system to restore balance to the digestive system and give individualised yogic and lifestyle advice.

  • Treat digestive imbalances and correct a person’s metabolism using yoga therapy, herbs, and natural means.

  • If they are already a qualified teacher of Asana; Use asana and movement therapies to help muscular and skeletal imbalances in the neck and shoulders.

  • Understand the Ayurvedic qualities of essential oils and be able to treat mind, skin and respiratory imbalances with them.

  • Receive a completion certificate from ThaiVedic Yoga which certifies students to share “ThaiVedic Inspired” metabolism and essential oil advice.

  • Further embody and perfect their skills by taking part in the “Healers Evolution Program” for “Digestion and Metabolism Consultant”. Enabling students to receive feedback on their sessions post training, and ability to apply the ThaiVedic system. This qualifies students for the title of “ThaiVedic Digestion and Metabolism Consultant” and a profile page with a silver medallion ranking in the “ThaiVedic Practitioner Directory”.

The Yoga content:

The training focuses on educating you to become a Holistic Yoga Therapist who understands how to awaken the natural self-healing powers of the body through Yoga*, Ayurveda, Bodywork, life coaching, and psychology tools.

The course will equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to teach yoga* based movement and meditation practices. Our 200hr training fulfills the requirements of Yoga Alliance International.

You will receive high quality Hatha Yoga instruction to enrich your own asana practice. We will not be training you to lead complex group yoga classes. To train as a teacher specialising in Hatha Yoga, please see our affiliate programs with Barbra Noh Yoga.

Barbra Noh and Kimmana Nichols created the ThaiVedic Yoga system with the desire to unite three of the world's most effective healing modalities. This offers yoga teachers access to a complete system which allows enhanced application for the individual. Our vision is to enable yoga therapists across the globe to achieve rapid results and usher in a new wave of TRUE HOLISTIC HEALING.

The Teachers

Value & Schedule

Daily workshop Schedule:
Morning session: 9:30 - 12:30

Afternoon session: 14:00 - 17:00


Lichthof München

Baader Straße 19

80469 Munich 


Single Training: €760
2 Trainings:        €1300
3 Trainings:        €1710

For the TVY Yoga Level 2, it is required to have attended the TVY Level 1 Training. 

Read more about the ThaiVedic Yoga Level 1 training here

Read more about the ThaiVedic Bodywork Level 1 training here

The yoga therapy components of our course(s) are based on Kimmana Nichol’s qualifications as a Naturopath, Yoga Therapist, and Ayurvedic Practitioner, and are not derived from our status as an RYS® with Yoga Alliance Registry.

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