10 actions to keep your spirits up in challenging times

  1. Create a playlist of your favourite “happy songs” to play throughout the day.
  2. Move your body before 10 AM. Dance for 15 minutes before breakfast to loud and invigorating music. This is good for your circulation and supports serotonin production (the happy hormone).
  3. Keep things flowing. Life doesn’t have to stop completely. Where possible don’t cancel, but rather postpone or reschedule.
  4. Be flexible. This is the time to be adaptable and think outside the box. Keep your mind open to finding creative solutions and alternatives.
  5. Every cloud has a silver lining. Although there are many things we do not welcome right now, look for the silver lining. Write a list of all the things that are “good” about this unexpected situation. (In my case, because my teaching for the whole of April has been cancelled, I am looking forward to editing the English version of my book. In addition, spending time at home means I can spend more time on meditation and yoga sessions every single day!)
  6. Make sure you reach out to speak to someone every day. Share how you are feeling, listen to what others are experiencing and even try to laugh together. Who are those people you have not spoken to in a long time – call them!
  7. Consider the qualities you need most right now. Consciously embody them in your daily yoga and meditation practice. Go online and discover all the classes currently available. You will find my online classes Tint in English and Yogaeasy in German on my website and I will also be streaming a weekly class on Thursdays for Patrick Broome Yoga
  8. Go to bed early, get up early. The most powerful time for immune system activity is between 8 – 10 PM – but only if we are in deep sleep at that time. Get plenty of rest and also do 20 – 30 minutes of gentle exercise each day. Avoid intensity.
  9. Take care of your digestive system and stay hydrated. Start the day with a cup of hot water with either some fresh lemon or a drop of lemon essential oil. Fill a flask with hot water to sip throughout the day.
  10. Take some time to practice Yoga Nidra (find some audio recordings). Alternatively, do a simple 20 minute Savasana accompanied by soothing music in the afternoon to recharge your nervous system.
We are all in this together
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