'Awaken the Living Form'  Yoga Intensive - Schloss Blumenthal  with Barbra Noh & David Regelin
15-18 Oct '15
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The body is a vessel of power. Yoga awakens the potential of the living form. 
Intensity is a way of exploring the depth of what is possible.


Join us for three days of intense study of yoga. David and Barbra will guide you towards simplifying the complex aspects of yoga while delving deeply into complexity. Emerge with new insights into practising with less effort and more power. Develop your practice to be a more profound expression of your body-breath-movement relationship. Barbra and David will provide their different yet complementary perspectives so you may integrate them with your own intuitive understanding of how to deepen your experience of the living, breathing form.


Expect solid practice and indepth conversation with two exceptional teachers.

David will teach in English. Barbra will teach in English and provide German translation as required.


Schloss Blumenthal is a community-owned former manor house. Situated in the countryside between Munich and Augsburg, its newly renovated hotel and seminar facilities have a unique character - each hotel room having been individually designed by an artist or member of the Blumenthal community. The village atmosphere is enhanced by the church, beer garden, farm animals, healers’ and artists’ studios scattered around the grounds. Set amongst forest and farm land, Blumenthal is a wonderful place to retreat and enjoy silence.


Barbra Noh is a certified Anusara® yoga teacher and has been teaching yoga for 15 years. Her classes are physically challenging, mentally stimulating, and emotionally uplifting. Her warmth, humour and love for yoga will inspire you to new heights.


Originally from Australia, Barbra trained as a dancer in her hometown of Melbourne and worked for many years in European theatres. Now based in Germany, she leads teacher trainings at AIRYOGA Munich and travels internationally teaching workshops, trainings and retreats. Barbra is passionate about sharing the transformational techniques of yoga and supporting students in their quest to discover and live their full potential. 



A Yoga practice can refine and elevate our sense of self, harmonize and strengthen our constitution, and transcribe the body's language. Through practice and study, most notably with Nevine Michaan, I have a method of teaching that relates the depth, skill, relevancy and practicality that a mindful yoga practice has to offer. My goal is to contribute to the evolution of modern yoga practice, and inspire a revolution in the minds and hearts of it's practitioners.




Yoga Package:

€299 per person 


The price includes:

Thursday: 2 hours of yoga 

Friday & Saturday: 5 hours of yoga per day

Sunday: 2 hours of yoga
(14 hours of yoga in total)


For yoga bookings please contact Suze Retera / Global Flow: 

Email Suze Retera


Tel: +31-614192371


Accommodation Package:

Triple Room: €297  p.p.

Comfort Double Room: €327 p.p.

Comfort Plus / Family Room: €357 p.p.

Standard Single Room: €384 p.p.

Comfort Single Room: €414 p.p.


The price includes: 

- 3 nights’ accommodation

- Free access to spring water

- Hot water and tea all day

- 2 Course lunch

- 3 Course dinner


For accommodation booking please contact Schloss Blumenthal: 



Tel: +49-82518904300


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