Classes & Workshops

'Her teaching is inspiring, challenging and well balanced. She helps me to recognise and tap into my full potential!'


'With Barbra I experience how it feels when the radiance of infinite potential is brought to expression from the inside out.'


'I feel challenged but also acknowledged. I gain new insights about my body and inspiration for my soul. This reaches beyond the yoga class directly into my life. In her classes I gain the confidence to do things I didn’t think were' possible for me.


'Of the many excellent Anusara teachers I’ve trained with, no one embodies the principles and philosophy in the wholehearted, holistic way that Barbra does. She walks the talk and imparts the Anusara teachings expertly while she and her students have fun, seriously.' 


'My yoga practice has improved considerably since I started training with Barbra. 


In her classes I’ve learned a lot, not only about the asana practice and yoga philosophy, but also about myself.'


'I appreciate Barbra’s powerful teaching style and her ability to guide students safely beyond their limits.


Her classes are of a consistently high quality. Since I first met her in 2008 I've seen her continue to grow both personally and spiritually.' 

Stefan B


'Barbra’s classes are precise and playful. She delves into technical and anatomical details without losing sight of the joyful side of yoga. Every time I practice with Barbra, I feel compelled to study and learn more.'


'Barbra teaches yoga from the deep ocean of her heart. Her class themes are always personal, alive and easy to relate to. Her presence and joy raise the practice of yoga from purely interesting to highly relevant. I leave every class refreshed and inspired.'


'Yoga with Barbra is a new experience each time. No two classes are the same, and they are always physically and spiritually enriching. Philosophy flows smoothly into her classes in the form of practical insights.'


'Barbra has the gift of being able to see and increase the “divine sparkle” in everyone. Everyone receives support to evolve and grow at their own pace.


Due to her ability to teach with structure and clarity  students  gain insights into even the most complex philosophical concepts.' 

Katharina R.

'Her classes are so inspiring! She is a master of technique and has so often brought me deeper into an asana just with verbal cues.'


'Barbra's passion for helping others to feel better about themselves, combined with her ability to express the beautiful teachings of Anusara yoga simply and clearly, makes every class a joyful experience.' 


Trainings & Immersions

'During the Teacher Training I experienced Barbra as structured, warm-hearted, caring and sincere.

She empowers her students to discover their innate potential and motivates us to grow beyond our perceived limitations.'


'Her trainings are challenging and offer the opportunity for personal growth. Her warmth and open-hearted manner, together with her competence and great knowledge give the  students a balanced, well-rounded experience.' 


'Practising with Barbra has added a new dimension to my long-standing yoga practice. Her teaching style is full of imagery, flowing yet precise, insightful and entertaining.


The many classes I’ve taken and her excellent teacher’s training have greatly enhanced my own teaching.' 


'She led us through the immersions with  charisma and charm.


Her precise instructions enable quick comprehension. Philosophy with Barbra is fun. Immersions with such an empathic and gifted teacher are enriching far beyond the yoga mat.'  Anja P

'Through self-refection, discussion and practice during the immersion yoga is no longer a theory but an experience.' 


'Barbra brings simplicity and clarity to very complex physical and philosophical concepts. During the Immersions I learnt more about my body and mind than I ever expected.'  


'Barbra is very experienced and knowledgeable. She creates a wonderful, enjoyable and creative  learning environment. 


The training is highly informative, practical, dynamic and well structured – challenging and encouraging at the same time. I learned a lot about yoga and about myself.' 


'I appreciate her warmth, clarity, knowledge and her lively yet focused teaching style.


Her guidance in the Anusara Teacher Training was excellent. We were given a lot of space for personal reflection and transformation.' 


'Barbra, through the way you convey Anusara yoga, I grow beyond myself!' 


'Practicing with Barbra feels safe. No matter how challenging the asana is Barbra takes you there step by step. 


In the Immersions she presents philosophical ideas in an insightful, open minded, non dogmatic way. I’m very grateful for the wonderful journey Barbra has taken us on.'


'The Anusara TT with Barbra was the third yoga teacher training I have attended – and it was the first one to actually focus on teaching. I was very impressed to see that by the end of the training, trainees who had never taught before were really able to teach. Barbra not only teaches amazing yoga classes, she can also guide you through the planning and logic behind her sequencing and class structure.

If you really want to learn how to teach yoga, I highly recommend this training!'

Katharina S.

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