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I run two online courses with TINT, Therapeutic Alignment Immersion, and Strength & Grace Yoga 3 Class Package.

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Currently on TINT

Strenght & Grace Yoga 3-Class Package

Length: 3-hours and 35-minutes
Classes: 3

Strength & Grace Yoga is an integrative approach to creating a therapeutically beneficial and sustainable yoga practice. It features a concise system of simple alignment principles that provide the framework with which to intelligently explore asana and movement.

Happy to Headstand

Length: 35 min


All inversions tend to spark some joy in us. But when it comes to Headstand it is particularly important to feel good in your neck and shoulders through good alignment so that you can feel happy when remaining in this classic yoga asana.

The class offers you a compact 35 minutes sequence to prepare for, learn and practice Headstand (Sirsasana). It includes a warm-up and some standing poses before moving into the specifics of preparing to go upside down. All asanas and movements in this class relate directly to building a strong and safe Headstand practice.

It is ideal for people who are new to Headstand.

Experienced practitioners and teachers will find the alignment cues and sequencing interesting. Barbra offers specific details on actions to align the upper back and shoulders as well as strengthen the neck. You will increase openness in your shoulders, mobility in your upper back, strengthen your neck and gain confidence in your ability to stand on your head.

The class concludes with Savasana.

Support and Surrender

Length: 60 min

A sense of support allows us to surrender more easily. With strength and clarity we consciously choose to be at peace with the moment just as it is. We soften and struggle less.

This class begins with a short dharma talk, followed by a centering with simple yet powerful affirmations for each Chakra. The practice includes strong leg work in standing poses to give you an experience of embodied support that in turn allows sweet surrender for the spine in forward bends.

Barbra will guide you to move gradually, more deeply into your hips. She offers you seated twists, forward and side bends, as well as a restorative supine pose, Supta Buddha Konasana.

Concluding with Savasana this class is a gentle reminder to create your own support so that you may release and surrender to what is.


01. Therapeutic Alignment Immersion

Length: 3-hours and 12-minutes
Classes: 6


This course is suitable for yoga practitioners and teachers who are interested in a therapeutic approach to yoga and would like to learn the basics of good alignment.

You will learn how to…

  • Practice more effectively and gain maximum benefit from the poses
  • Reduce discomfort and pain in the most common asanas
  • Be gentle to your joints and stretch safely
  • Create a practice that is sustainable over the longterm


  1. Foundations
  2. Spine, Neck, Shoulders
  3. Knees, Hips, Lower Back
  4. Core Strength & Balanced Actions
  5. Fluid Movement & Transitions
  6. Expanding Into Freedom: Putting It All Together