The Art of Teaching

8 hour online yoga teacher training

Effective teaching is a combination of knowledge, experience, and good communication, founded on interpersonal skills and the ability to connect with students.


40 Video Lessons

Delivered online in your own time over 6 chapters, there will be detailed lessons on the key areas of yoga teaching including therapeutic alignment, different teaching skills, the art of sequencing, how to structure a class, verbal adjustment and hands-on assistance.


Academy Certificate

You will have access at any time, no matter when you purchase or begin the course, for the life of the course.  Passing the final exam will be rewarded with a TINT Academy certificate of completion, certified by Barbra Noh and the TINT Academy.


50 page workbook

50-page workbook clearly summarizing all the relevant information. With additional journaling and recap exercises, you have the opportunity to review your newly acquired knowledge and deepen your understanding of the Art of Teaching.

Online lesson plan

This online training for yoga teachers is divided into 6 different chapters including lectures and practices.

Learn what it truly means to be a yoga teacher, how to clearly define your intention and purpose, and how to develop the mindset and attitude needed to serve your students in the best possible way.

Chapter I: Introduction

An introduction into the art of teaching yoga.

Videos: 3

Chapter II: The Seat of the Teacher

You will explore how to step into the role of a teacher. What are the qualities that make us great teachers and how do we connect with students in a way that facilitates their learning and deepens their experience.

Videos: 6

Chapter III: Attitudinal Guidelines

There are 5 specific attitudinal guidelines to delve into, that will help you navigate and work toward the attitude that will really support not only your own enjoyment of the teaching but also the quality of the teaching, and therefore the experience of the students

Videos: 6

Chapter IV: Teaching Skills

As teachers, we are always striving to develop and refine our teaching skills. Here you will discover the different ways you can adapt your teaching to support different types of learners such as visual learners, auditory learners, reading/writing, and kinesthetic learners.

Videos: 13

Chapter V: Sequencing

You will learn how to sequence your classes. That is, to define an end goal or an intention for your class and define a path that will allow your students to reach the end destination.

Videos: 10

Chapter VI: Conclusion

Here we summarise the learnings and piece it all together. You will end the course with a clear understanding on how to apply these principals to your class.

Videos: 3

Contemplative, powerful and dynamic


I believe that the body is a gateway to understanding yourself at a deeper level, and that there is a pathway to inner peace and happiness


What do I get?

40 video lessons organized into 6 chapters
Sample sequences for different purposes / practice examples
90-minute back-up sequence
50 Page Work book with detailed guidance
Support from the TINT team
Exam questions & contemplative questions
Certificate of completion

Discount for TINT members?

TINT Academy courses are not included in the membership. If you have an active TINT ALL-ACCESS membership, you are eligible to get a 20% member discount.

How long do I have access to this course?

You will have access at any time, no matter when you purchase or begin the course, for the life of the course. The course and all included materials are accessible anytime and can be completed on your schedule.

How does it work?

The course content is delivered to you via online streaming videos with downloadable supporting documents. TINT Academy trainings can only be purchased via the website but the videos are also available via our iOS, Android and TV apps.

Secure online payment

Pay via credit card or Paypal without any additional costs. The payment will be absolutely secure at any time.