Shine your light


I have designed a yoga teacher mentoring program that will help you discover and embrace your gift as a teacher, crafting your unique message to carry into your classes.

— Barbra Noh, founder of Strength & Grace Yoga


My mentoring journey


Good yoga teaching may seem effortless, but it is in fact the artful fusion and mastery of many different techniques and tools. While we can be knowledgeable and confident in our yoga practice, great teaching requires us to have a connection to our deeper essence and calling.

Teacher training gave me a strong theoretical understanding of teaching but my most significant growth as a yoga teacher occurred during a period of mentoring, personalised guidance and direct feedback.

I strengthened my teaching and improved my classroom skills, in particular, the use of language and how to create a flow in my instructing. In addition, I learned how to share those aspects of yoga philosophy that touch my heart in a way that is meaningful for others.

Reveal your jewels


You will make valuable shifts in your teaching through the mentoring program: I will guide you to discover your unique qualities, to define your core message and to bring your essence into the classroom with authenticity.

The Mentoring Program is also the best way to work with me towards Anusara certification. As required you can book additional time to focus on specific Anusara certification requirements, the written exam and video assessment process.

Reveal your jewels and let them shine



Anusara Certified Advanced Teacher Trainer, 20 year’s teaching experience and 14,000 hours with students worldwide, 40 years of movement practice and ongoing dedication to personal growth.


Refine your teaching skills and transform your theoretical knowledge into a communication tool to instruct and assist your students with confidence and ease.


Discover your unique qualities as a teacher and learn how to leverage those as strengths to inspire and move your students.


Receive practical advice on the fundamentals of running a successful yoga business, from scheduling your time, to marketing your brand and filling your yoga class.

The structure

for the 3 month Mentoring Program

6 group calls

2 calls per month on the first and third Tuesday of April – June. First call: 6th of April – Final group call: 15th June. All projects completed by the 29th June. Call time is 7:30 – 8:45 AM (can be made earlier if all participants need to get to work/classes). A recording will be provided to all after each call.

3 one-to-one calls

You will schedule three calls of 45 minute each with Barbra to set your goals, develop projects, review your progress, ask questions and discuss your concerns. Those working towards Anusara certification can also book additional calls for more specific coaching on the Anusara method and certification process.

Video projects

Together with Barbra you will create 2 – 3 short video projects (5-7 minutes each) that focus on the areas of your teaching you wish to develop most. Barbra will review and offer constructive feedback on these videos of your teaching. You will receive the feedback via an audio recording you can keep and listen to as often as you like.

Business structure

You will receive personal coaching in a one hour call with Leigh Ann Kittel to explore how you can optimize the business aspect of your profession as a yoga teacher.

Digital Communication

Find your authentic style of communication to effectively reach your audience with your unique message. Digital communication strategist Sarah No will guide you to make the best use of your website, email/newsletter and social media tools.


Prior to each group call you will be asked to practice self-reflection on the topic for the next call. This will be mostly in the form of journaling.

Topics for the 6 group calls


Prior to the first group call you will write about your goals for this program and send them to Barbra.

1. Kick-off call

Intro, overview and structure. Sankalpa: setting intention and clarifying vision.


Languaging and communication as a yoga teacher. Theming and being a spiritual guide.


Class room skills for weekly classes and for workshops.


What is your niche, your unique message. What kind of teaching do you want to focus on? Generating income. Leigh Ann will join this call. You will arrange your individual call with her after that.


Sarah will join this call and discuss different ideas on how you can get started using social media, website, newsletters and ads. You will arrange your individual call with her after that.


Worthiness, courage, purpose. What issues hold me back and how can I transform that?

Dates and investment

Dates: Postponed until 2022. To receive a notification when registration opens end of 2021, please subscribe to our newsletter.

Duration: 3 months

Investment: 1.900,- Euro plus a non-refundable registration fee of 200,- Euro
(VAT free / ohne gesetzliche MwSt)

Commitment: 2 group call per month (6 in total), 3 individual calls with Barbra, 2 individual calls with her team. Expect six hours of home study time in total plus circa 2 hours for video projects

Format: Delivered online (must have a working computer or smart phone and Internet)


A note on language: Barbra is Australian, a native English speaker. She speaks German fluently and can offer individual coaching in German. Group calls will be in German and English as required.

Personal and
group mentoring

Review and feedback of three videos of your teaching each
with recorded audio coaching to listen to as often as you like.

Three personal calls with Barbra to review your progress, ask questions and discuss your concerns.

One hour of personal coaching with Barbra’s business coach
and one hour with her digital marketing strategist
to discuss your website, social media, and email newsletter.

Meet the team

Barbra Noh

Barbra Noh


“One of the joys of teaching yoga is that it summons us to draw upon and reveal the jewels inside each of us as we share them with others.”

Leigh Ann Kittell

Leigh Ann Kittell


“Let’s connect the magical and the practical in you to uncover your wisdom and express your gifts with more ease and joy.”

Sarah No

Sarah No


“With 13 years’ corporate experience, I will give you practical advice to help you kick start or refine your web and digital marketing strategy in a way that will reflect your personal brand story.”

What others are saying

Das hoch kompetente Team um Barbra Noh hat uns Feinheiten über das Yogaunterrichten, über Businessansichten und Marketing beigebracht. Das Highlight für mich aber sind die bereichernden Einzelgespräche zwischen mir als Mentee und Barbra als inspirierende Mentorin gewesen. Ihre Empathie und die individuelle liebevolle Betreuung haben mir das deutliche Gefühl gegeben, dass wir zwar ganz unterschiedliche Persönlichkeiten, dennoch trotzdem in ihrem Programm alle an der richtigen Stelle sind.

Liliane, Anusara Inspired Yoga Teacher & Unternehmerin

Working with Barbra supported me a lot in terms of self-knowledge, self-love and the development of my inner voice.

Daniela Schwendy, Marketing Manager

Barbra has the gift of being able to see and increase the “divine sparkle” in everyone. Everyone receives support to evolve and grow at their own pace.

Katharina R.